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Smart heads and handy hands

Each organization realises her goals via a complex combined action of different business processes. Moreover, the one process is not like the other process. Looked at it from the angle of the goals of an organization, processes can be divided in innovational processes and steady state processes.

Innovation processes. These processes anticipate on new, always changing goals. These processes will proceed and evolve less standardized. They must rely on professionallity and project management. One might say that the results of these kind of processes are largely determined by people with smart heads.
These smart heads can be supported by business economical models and systems.

Steady state processen. These processes are aimed at existing goals of the organization. They are based on standardization and therefore on practical routine technology and on operational management.  One might say that the results of these kind of processes are mostly determined by people with handy hands.
These handy hands can be supported by
work study techniques. For the subjects and aspects of these work study techniques, see the next site “Training and Education”.

The addition sum of the costs of all handy hands, in all steps of a production process, often turn out to be a large portion of the total
expenses and costs, and therefore of the cost price of the product, nontheless which of the cost price systems is being used. Making use of work study techniques in these circumstances may lead in many cases to a substantial reduction on expenses or costs and ultimately on the cost price.  A good insight in the correct expenses and costs ánd the real organization will lead to a correct allocation of costs and consequently to a correct cost calculation.

An important support for a correct insight into the cash flows of future financial situations or circumstances of an enterprise or of a manufacturing facility, may be a good, solid and correct calculation of the project dependent expenses and costs, in order to arrive at a correct decision towards that future.
A solid and correct
decision calculation based on the decision dependant cash flow, revenues and expenses, is therefore essential for your business in the future and thus for its continuity.

In this context, WORK-FACTOR as an aid and tool in method study and time study, can be seen as a powerful work study method and technique. This technique can play an important role by the equipment, optimalization and standardization (of the practical routine technology) of steady state processes. The WORK-FACTOR Council is the platform that will maintain WORK-FACTOR systems (mainly RWF and VWF), certify WF-instructors, manage and control the WF course material and is responsible for the quality of WF materials and products.

The Work-Study foundation, platform for Work-Factor analists, will support the Work-Factor Council in all their activities.

You, as smart head within your organization, can turn this into your advantage.

We would like to assist you in that.

NB. Of course, this holds also for suppliers to production.

Liberty Productivity Improvement is notably specialised in the areas indicated in red.

For an extensive list of specializations see the next page “Training and Education”.

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