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Teacher and trainer on Work Study, Cost Price Calculation and Decision Calculation

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LPI can educate and train your employees to continuously track down wastes in your production processes to eliminate them as much as posible. This will streamline your processes so they run far better and smoothly. This will increase the productivity of your company continuously. All these influences the cost price of your products, as do your (financial) investments in people and machines. Before spending your money, you want to know and understand the consequences of these investments. You may also hire LPI to do so.

Productivity improvement and throughput time reduction are like brother and sister: hand in hand. 


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Personal data of course paticipants, analists and company contact staff members like name, date of birth and place, company name and - address, (company) telephone number and business e-mailaddress, solely for personification of certificate, diploma or attestation and work-study or business economic support both individual and department, will not be shared with third parties.

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